Chain restaurants Dayana, Djoana began its history in 1994 with one small restaurant in Plovdiv kv.Kurshijaka called Djoana. Day after day Djoana collected before customers attracted by truly unique taste of Bulgarian cuisine and became a favorite of many of Plovdiv. Recreating native atmosphere with all the color and charm to dovetail with the proverbial Bulgarian hospitality, restaurant Djoana becomes insufficient to gather many friends.

So after nine years on May 21, 2003 in the heart of the city was born Dayana Restaurant / Restaurant Dayana 1 on the back of Radio Plovdiv /.

Good tradition with the best grill in town and wines warms the soul of generations of Plovdiv, pleasant atmosphere and good service cause to appear Chain restaurants Dayana-Djoana and 6 December 2005 opened restaurant Dayana 2 / against Central Post /. Not long after appeared and fourth sister – Dayana 3 / right to Dayana 1 /.

Today Chain restaurants Dayana-Djoana welcome their guests in seven restaurants with or without reason in a cozy, constantly enriching colorful atmosphere reminiscent of Bulgarian life, with glorious father’s spirit, praising centuries-old tradition of grace and confidence. Holidays, birthdays, Christmas and Easter throughs or spontaneous merriment, chain restaurants Dayana-Djoana offer guests a colorful meal, inspired by the culinary skills of home recipes flavored root and grandmotherly selvage of simmering potty in the fireplace, resorbable enchanting mirishki in the room.

The restaurants of the chain-Dayana Djoana will warm your soul will treat you and watered and will not rush you escorted because Sofrata there are areas for you around the clock. Unique atmosphere with burning fireplaces in the winter and cool in the summer garden invites you to pleasant gossip on cheerful drink and home made dishes.

And since life is not consolation, owners of chain restaurants Dayana-Djoana have thought for the business guests of the restaurants. For them in Diana and Joan is available free nonstop Wireless connection / Wi-fi / and business opportunity meetings in secluded area, with proper negotiating environment.

Chain restaurants Dayana-Djoana offer perfect organization:

Family and Weddings
company holidays
Attractive welcome tourist groups
Catering services
In restaurants Dayana-Djoana, available to customers with a prominent culinary flavor are chefs that can come true culinary dreams to manifest desire – BBQ, roast pig, stuffed carp and everything that pleases the soul of a gourmet.

To keep guests of restaurants Dayana-Djoana comfortable care well trained, polite and discreet staff, guided by a competent manager in each restaurant.